Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy and Detoxification
How does Manual Lymphatic Drainage help the body Detox?

It is described as "One of the best kept secrets on the health and beauty scene", MLD's intensely relaxing effect masks the strength of the treatment, it is a very gentle, light touch massage that has the ability to treat the body's lymphatic system, to cleanse from the inside out.

Specific and gentle movements of the skin stimulate and increase the rate of removal of waste products, which include toxins and excess fluid from the body's tissues. There are usually no bad side effects and it is perfectly safe to eat before and after a MLD treatment. It helps to drink water after your treatment and you may need to go to the toilet more often.

After an MLD treatment you should feel.
  • more relaxed and clear headed
  • reduced puffiness around the eyes
  • reduced cellulite
  • improved skin tone

The suppression of the immune system function can be restored by detoxification of a person's body.

Disciplined manual lymphatic drainage can cause significant detoxification, which in turn boosts the function of the already acquired immune capabilities.

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